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1932 Founded Sato Gunjiro Shop.
1949 Established Sato Shokusan Co., Ltd.
1953 Opened Tokyo Liaison Office (Ningyo-cho).
1954 Opened Otaru Liaison Office.
1955 Established Gunkei Clothes Co., Ltd.
1959 Established Gunkei Cloth Co., Ltd.
1963 Weaved working wear fabrics in cooperation with Unitika Ltd.
Developed tricut products in cooperation with Marubeni Co., Ltd.
1964 Weaved tetron fabrics in cooperation with Toray Industries, Inc.
1968 Opened Osaka Liaison Office (Suita-shi, Osaka).
Move the Tokyo Liaison Office to Kodenma-cho and constructed a new building.
1970 Changed the company name of Gunkei Clothes Co., Ltd to Gunkei Co., Ltd.
Established Sun Electronic Co., Ltd. and started manufacture of electronic calculators.
1972 Established Sun Development Co., Ltd.
1973 Obtained technical cooperation with Sharp Corporation.
1976 Established Sun Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
1981 Established Sun Oil Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd.
1982 Opened OA Center as an electronics shop.
1983 Changed the name of Sato Shokusan Co., Ltd. to SUN-S Co., Ltd.
Consolidated Sun Electronic Co., Ltd., Sun Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
and Sun Oil Hydraulic Industry Co., Ltd. into SUN-S Co., Ltd.
Established Gunkei Electronic Co., Ltd.
1985 Constructed headquarters building of SUN-S Co., Ltd.
1988 Constructed Automating First Distribution Center.
Established Sun Software Co., Ltd.
1991 Constructed a men’s dormitory and company housing.
Opened SUN-S Sports Center (tennis court, etc.).
1992 Established Suns Toyo Co., Ltd.
Established Suns Apparel Co., Ltd.
1993 Constructed Automating Second Distribution Center.
Established Amusement Time Co., Ltd.
1994 Opened new Tokyo Branch (Iwamoto-cho, Chiyoda-ku).
1995 Established Kunshan Sun-s Clothing Co., Ltd.
Established Unix Co., Ltd. (rental uniform).
Opened Sun Mineral Division.
Established Wonderful Ocean Investments Ltd. (Hong Kong).
1996 Established Wonderful Saigon Garment Co., Ltd. (Vietnam).
1997 Constructed Techno Center.
1999 Constructed new Tokyo Branch building (Nishiazabu, Minato-ku).
2000 Established Sun-s Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.(Kunshan,China).
Opened ISO Development Department.
2001 Established Sun-s Apparel (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.(Kunshan,Shanghai).
2002 Announced “FD products” for food-processing industry.
Constructed No.2 Plant of Sun-s Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.(Kunshan,China).
2003 Opened Osaka Branch of SUN-S .
Launched TTS Laboratory.
2004 Entered the SPA business and developed Durer shops.
2006 Established Heart Bless Co., Ltd.
Established Wonderful Saigon Electrics Co., Ltd. (Vietnam).
Established Wonderful Thai Electronics Co., Ltd. (Thailand).
Established Wuxi Wonderful Electronics Co., Ltd. (Wuxi, China).
2007 Obtained the corporation with Matsuoka Industry Group Co., Ltd.
Constructed No.2 Plant of Wonderful Saigon Electrics Co., Ltd. (Vietnam).
Constructed Technological Center.
2008 Established Kunshan Wonderful Machinery Co.,Ltd.(Kunshan,China).
Constructed No.3 Plant of Wonderful Saigon Electrics Co., Ltd. (Vietnam).
2009 Rebuild Tokyo branch office building.(Nihonbashi,Tokyo).
2010 Established Shanghai Wonderful Advance Trade Co., Ltd.(Shanghai,China).
2011 Established Bengbu Wonderful Clothing Co.,Ltd.(Bengbu,China).
Established SUN-S USA, Inc.(San Jose,USA).
Constructed No.3 Plant of Sun-s Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.(Kunshan,China).
2012 Constructed Okudaisen water plant(Kofu-cho,Tottori).
2013 Established Wonderful Saigon Technology Co., Ltd.(Vietnam).
2017 Constructed Textile Business Head Office building.