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Unix Co.,Ltd.
Osaka Sales Office
1-20-30 Yokoe,Ibaraki-Shi,Osaka,567-0865 Japan
TEL.+81-726-33-8030 FAX.+81-726-33-8044

◎Renting of Uniform
Gunkei Co.,Ltd.
1111-1 Kawaminami,Kannabe-Cho,Fukuyama-Shi,
Hiroshima,720-2124 Japan
TEL.+81-84-963-2400 FAX.+81-84-960-5445

◎Sewing Clothes
Sun-s Business Solution, Ltd.
1111-1 Kawaminami,Kannabe-Cho,Fukuyama-Shi,Hiroshima,720-2124 Japan
[The 2nd Distribution Center]
TEL.+81-84-963-5555 FAX.+81-84-963-5755
◎Distribution business contract
468-1 Kawaminami,Kannabe-Cho,Fukuyama-Shi,Hiroshima,720-2124 Japan
[Kannabe Factory]
TEL.+81-84-963-4949 FAX.+81-84-963-5235
◎Manufacturing of Industrial Automation Equipment
Sun Development Co., Ltd.
741-1 Kawaminami,Kannabe-Cho,Fukuyama-Shi,
Hiroshima,720-2124 Japan
TEL.+81-84-963-1111 FAX.+81-84-963-5115

◎Real Estate Business


Wonderful Ocean Investments Ltd.
RoomA, 11/F,Ford Glory Plaza,37-39 Wing Hong Street,Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hong Kong
TEL.(852)2730-1323 FAX.(852)2376-2806

◎Regional Headquaters of overseas business

Shanghai Wonderful Advance Trade Co., Ltd.
S Zone 10F,Zengzeshimaodalou,1590Area,Yananxilu,Shanghai,China
TEL.(86)21-5258-6338 FAX.(86)21-5258-6339

◎Base from which to carry out the import and export of products

Sun-s Apparel Of Shanghai Co.,Ltd.
22F, Building No.4, Tianhui Square, No.900 Lanxi Rd., Putou-District,
Shanhai, P. R. of China
TEL.86-21-6858-5555 FAX.86-21-6205-9977

◎Production and Sales of Uniform

Sun-s Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
A Zone of The Third Avenue, Kunshan Export Processing Zone, Jiangsu Province, China
[1st Factory]
TEL.(86)512-5733-4588 FAX.(86)512-5733-4688

◎Manufacturing of Equipment for copiers

[2nd Factory]
TEL.(86)512-5730-3938 FAX.(86)512-5733-3488

◎Manufacturing of electronic device

Kunshan Wonderful Automation Technology Co.,Ltd.
No.278 Jujin Road,Zhangpu,Kunshan,Jiangsu Province,P.R.China
TEL.(86)512-5745-8686 FAX.(86)512-5745-8787

◎Design, development, assembly, and sales base of automated equipment

Wonderful Saigon Garment Co., Ltd.
14th Street, Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone,
District7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
TEL.(84)8-7-701386 FAX.(84)8-7-701595

◎Production of Uniforms

Wonderful Saigon Electrics Co., Ltd.
[Factory - A / Factory - B]
No.16 Road.10, Vietnam Singapore Industrial Park,An Phu Ward,
Thuan An Town.Binh Duong Province,Vietnam
TEL.(84)650-3767977 FAX.(84)650-3767945

◎Manufacturing of camera module and device

Wonderful Thai Electronics Co., Ltd
Wonderful Business Solution (Thailand) Co., Ltd
165-1 Moo1 Phetkasem Road, Yai-cha,
Sampran, Nakornpathom Thailand.
TEL.(66)34-323080 FAX.(66)34-323079 , (66)34-323272

◎[WTEC]Manufacturing of Electronics
◎[WBST]Sales of Saving energy products, LED related products

101 Metro Drive, Suite 660,San Jose, CA 95110

◎Electronic components, machinery and equipment, technical services sales